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Reimagining Strategy

Do you have a well-defined strategy to drive the growth? Using Design Thinking methodology, Kennocation can help you reimagine your strategy, create a clear execution plan and help implement it.

Organizational Renewal

Successful execution of your strategy depends on culture, organizational R&R, and well-defined OKRs. Process Automation along with measuring the right metrics helps build traction and achieve desired objectives.

Creating and Capturing Value

Constantly improving the value of your enterprise for all stakeholders, require a clear understanding of your value chain, business model innovation that would enable a well-defined, futuristic strategy and flawless execution.

Segmentation Strategy

Selecting the appropriate target segment is critical to penetrate and capture the desired market share.

Product / Solution Strategy

Creating a disruptive product/solution roadmap requires a proper understanding of the competitive landscape.

GoToMarket Strategy

Market segments and product/solution roadmap dictate the necessary GoToMarket Strategy.

Market Research & Analysis

Observing customers to understand their Jobs-To-Be-Done along with circumstances, social, and emotional dimensions

Lean Startup - Incubator, Accelerator

Hypothesis validation to creating a feasible, viable business model and MVP to take you to revenue generation stage

Growth Hacking/Scaling Up

Products(solutions) + People + Processes are the foundation of scalable, fast-paced growth.

Why work with us?

More than 90% of companies fail to execute their strategies. The right strategy needs organizational renewal to succeed.

We believe in Strategy Execution
Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast!

True value can be created only when the interest of all stakeholders are aligned.

We focus on Value Creation
Enterprises need to create value for all its Stakeholders

A Business Model is never static, it needs to evolve with the ever-changing market landscape.

We help perfect your Business Model
Iterative Business Model Evolution
Disruptive Unified Product Strategy
Increasing revenue and market shares via a strong competitive advantage

A multi-national Healthcare corporation, after acquiring a medical imaging company, partnered with Kennovation to boost the pace of product Innovation and build a new product development strategy and roadmap.

Lean Startup - creating Successful MVP
Home Health Care Startup with a focus on Better Patient Outcomes

Patient-centered care requires a strong technology backbone to enable collaboration and ongoing communication between patients and healthcare providers. HIPAA compliance and focus on patient outcomes are necessary.

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