Medical Imaging

A multi-national Healthcare corporation, after acquiring a medical imaging company, partnered with Kennovation
to boost the pace of product Innovation and build a new product development strategy and roadmap.

  • Unified product strategy
  • Timely new product launches
  • Gain competitive advantages
  • Increased revenue and market share
Has your medical software, medical device or high-tech organisation acquired a company and is concerned about integrating the Engineering teams?

Let Kennovation help guide your organisation through the challenges to realise substantial value-creation from the acquisition. With our variety of services, we can provide your organisation with the building blocks necessary for a successful and timely acquisition:

  • Product Innovation (including Medical software, imaging devices, IoT, and IIoT) – Technical resource augmentation
  • Strategy Creation – Market analysis, Comitative analysis, Product roadmap creation, and Go-to-market strategy.
  • Organizational and Cultural Change – Customized change management plans and training curriculum
  • Process Engineering and Automation – SDLC, QA/QC, and related processes.
Medical Industry

Significant value-creation from an acquisition requires the successful
integration of many functions within the organizations, but none more important than those involved in product innovation. When a large multi-national healthcare corporation acquired a mid-size ENT endoscopic medical device manufacturer, they sought specialized expertise to help them build a synergistic product development strategy and roadmap.

The multi-national realized they needed an experienced partner to assist them with re-defining their product strategy and roadmap. Kennovation, a comprehensive consulting company, was chosen because of a history of helping companies to maximize value through product innovation, strategy creation, process engineering and automation, and cultural


    Tackling the complexity of advancing products beyond the initial concept in a regulated environment requires discipline, talent, collaboration, and sophisticated tools. The Kennovation team developed a four-pronged plan to develop product strategies and roadmaps, generate synergies, and boost the pace of product innovation.

    • Understand and document the strategy, cultural, technical, and
      process differences between the companies.
    • Conduct a ‘Reimagining Strategy’ session with both teams to
      unify and define the product strategy and roadmap.
    • Enable the transformation of the organisation’s culture by using
      proven change management techniques.
    • Highlight early and frequently the project “wins” to gain support
      across the organization..

    Kennovation utilized a proprietary project management tool and frequent communications through multiple channels to provide the client’s leadership and stakeholders with in-depth visibility and timely updates regarding the progress of the transformation.

    • The client’s partnership with Kennovation resulted in the successful and timely launch of an ambitious new product and critical product integrations and interfaces. The Reimagining Strategy sessions helped unshackle the combined team’s innovative spirit and fostered a culture of collaboration, growth, and creativity.

    Utilizing Kennovation’s tools and methodologies laid the foundation for building upon both organization’s strengths to accomplish:

    • Conceptualizing, designing, developing, and launching industry-leading high-definition ENT endoscope.
    • Aligning the structure of the Engineering departments with new roles and responsibilities designed to maximize innovation.
    • Creating a unified product strategy, consistent engineering processes, a
      reinvigorated culture of innovation, and aggressive product launch

    As a result of the Kennovation partnership, the multi-national was able to stay at the forefront of technology, gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and significantly increase revenue and market share.

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    Jquery - 4 years Experience

    Wordpress - 6 years Experience

    HTML5 - 5 years Experience

    Photography - 6 years Experience

    Kennovation enabled us to launch Overview the very first High Definition endoscope in the market
    VP Marketing, Large Multi-national Healthcare Organisation.
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