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Patient-centered care requires a strong technology backbone to enable collaboration and on-going communication between patients and healthcare providers. A fast-growing Home Health Service Provider recognized the need for a partner with digital transformation expertise to help them improve the patient experience, achieve their growth objectives, and streamline internal processes.


The Home Health Provider, which offers home-health and rehab therapy services, struggled with day-to-day management due to cumbersome manual processes and discrete applications not communicating with each other. With these operational issues, meeting their aggressive growth plans was increasingly challenging.

Some of the challenges the client faced included:

  • Lack of technical expertise to create a sustainable digital solution.
  • Regulatory compliance in the hyper-regulated healthcare industry.
  • Administrative difficulties in resource management, planning, scheduling, and tracking the activities of physicians and nurses.
  • Errors from manually scheduling, tracking, and recording patient visits and outcomes.
  • Timely and securely communicating with stakeholders while complying with HIPAA.

The company identified the need for a technology partner to support their digital transformation and organizational growth plans. They wanted a partner to help them build a scalable solution that supported their patient centered care mission and helped their doctors and nurses spend less time on tedious manual forms and more time with patients.

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Solution Process

The Home Health Provider’s management were all leading experts in the industry but had little technology expertise. They turned to Kennovation to help them with their Digital Transformation. The technology partnership with Kennovation focused on digitally transforming the end-to-end home health, patient-care system starting from process re engineering to process automation, including user-friendly point-of-service applications and end-to-end integration.

Kennovation conceptualized, architected, designed, developed, tested, and deployed a set of integrated applications to automate all aspects of the business.

1. Mobile Patient Application

Enables patients to easily interact with the health network, schedule visits, and provide health updates on a tablet or mobile device.

2. Mobile Health Care Provider Application

Plan patient visits, record the visits real-time, interact with administrative office, report, and track patient outcomes.

3. Administrative Web Application

Includes a variety of administrative tasks:

  • Manage physicians, nurses, and other caregivers’ schedules and visits.
  • Match the required skills and expertise to the patient’s needs.
  • Monitor the patient’s status to the targeted outcome.
  • Handle expense tracking, insurance billing, and collections.
  • Track certification validity, on boarding activities, and compensation.
  • Integrate with insurance company portals, payment gateways, financial applications, and hospital EMR and HMS systems.

Based on Kennovation’s suggestion, the company decided to create a separate company to develop the automation solution, implement in all areas of their business, and sell to other health providers. Kennovation helped them build the digital solution using lean startup methodology and create intellectual property value for the startup. The solution encompassed a “build operate transfer” model that had Kennovation build and operate the solution, then transfer responsibility to the Home Health company.


The client’s partnership with Kennovation resulted in the successful and timely launch of an ambitious healthcare marketplace with critical product integrations, interfaces, and a suite of innovative applications. The client successfully deployed the solution in all of its home health and patient care companies and sold the solution to similar providers.

Utilizing Kennovation’s tools and methodologies, the Home Health Provider was able to achieve:

  • Improved patient-centered care through industry-leading mobile-enabled applications
  • Fully automated internal processes to improve efficiencies and achieve better patient outcomes
  • Optimized resource utilization to improve top line growth while increasing profitability
  • A scalable model to meet future growth needs and selling to other providers

As a result of the Kennovation partnership, the Home Health Provider was able to transform its operations and achieve its growth objectives by expanding from serving one state to four adjacent states and two other countries, resulting in a 6x increase in revenue.

Let Kennovation help guide your organization through the challenges to realize substantial value-creation through Digital Transformation. With our variety of services, we can provide your organization with the building blocks necessary for a successful transformation:


  • Digital Transformation/Product Innovation, including Customized Web applications, ERP, CRM, eCommerce Marketplace, Mobile/Tablet Apps, Medical software, imaging solutions, IoT, and IIoT – Technical resource
  • Strategy Creation – Market analysis, Comitative analysis, Product road map creation, and Go-to-market strategy.
  • Lean Startup – Help build a technology startup using Lean Startup methodology, developed various digital touch points with constant inputs from end-users to create an excellent customer experience.
  • Engineering Processes and Automation – Used Agile SDLC model with full automated QA/QC to develop reliable, and scalable solutions.
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Jquery - 4 years Experience

Wordpress - 6 years Experience

HTML5 - 5 years Experience

Photography - 6 years Experience

Kennovation enabled us to develop the solution using lean startup methodology to transform the business with end-to-end integrated automation solution.
– Product Manager, Home Health Service Provider
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