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Running a successful eCommerce business is more than just creating and hosting an eCommerce web site. You need to start by creating an online strategy, then developing the business model, technology foundation, pricing framework, back-office integrations, and robust security measures necessary for success. California Olive Oil producer and retailer recognized they needed a strong partner to digitally transform their business by improving processes and technologies to enhance the customer experience

Client Challenge

The Olive Oil retailer was struggling with an unreliable eCommerce site that was negatively impacting their business in a myriad of ways. The eCommerce site lacked proper planning, integration with fulfillment and back-office processes, and the necessary security measures. Additional challenges included:

  1. eCommerce site was developed on an unstable platform, and the vendor could not provide the required support and site maintenance.
  2. Platform hindered scalability, new affiliate partnerships, and the subscription revenue model.
  3. Inconsistent customer experience between in-store and online experience.
  4. Poor back-end processes and no integration with SEO, customer loyalty program, shipping, and tracking hampered the customer experience.
  5.  Most in-house processes were manual and used discrete software applications without any integration.

These issues were impacting the company’s top and bottom line and limiting its growth potential.

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The Olive Oil producer approached Kennovation due to our expertise in developing innovative digital solutions. eCommerce sites are inherently complex, involving not only technology but also back-end requirements and customer experience considerations.

Kennovation’s solution development team started with under- standing the company strategy, then analyzing the culture, process, and lastly, the technology required to support the transformation. Working closely with the client, the team developed the following elements for a holistic and sustainable solution:

  1. Migrate older eCommerce solution to a newer robust, industry-proven platform.
  2. Revamp the entire look & feel of the website to create a better user experience.
  3. Design new mobile and tablet apps to add digital touchpoints to expand the customer reach.
  4. Roll-out new features like club subscriptions for increased recurring revenue and affiliate partnership programs to expand the market reach.
  5. Improve SEO, marketing, and customer retention programs.
  6. Provide integrated ERP, CRM, POS, and Accounting/Finance software solutions for end-to-end process automation.
  7. Support and maintenance of IT infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime and quality experience for all the digital touchpoints.

The foundation was cost-effective open-source platforms to create an end-to-end automated solution enabling the client to gain control over the business.


The digital solution implemented resulted in the successful launch of the client’s new eCommerce portal with mobile touchpoints and many innovative features – e.g., Olive Oil Club, recipe sharing and reviewing, and virtual and in-person ranch tours. It also enabled the client to create a more immersive customer experience, improve customer loyalty, increase repeat business, and grow their fan following.

A strategic integrated process automation approach allowed the client to manage back-end operations more efficiently to create a unique customer experience. Utilizing Kennovation’s platforms enabled the following operational improvements:

  1. Process automation in operational areas generated a unique immersive customer experience
  2. Integration produced end-to-end process visibility, a better flow of information, and scalability as the company grew.
  3. Better utilization of user data resulted in a more personalized buying experience.
  4. Deployment of more aggressive marketing campaigns and affiliate partnership programs to grow the business.

As a result of the Kennovation partnership, the client transformed its business and realized a month-to-month and annual revenue increase of over 100%.

Are you struggling to scale your Retail business? Want to use Digital Technologies to transform and grow your Retail business?

Let Kennovation guide you with the necessary tools and process transformation. With our variety of solutions, we can provide your organization with the digital building blocks essential for scaling your business with excellent customer engagement and experience:

  1. eCommerce platform with unique customer experience, including integration with various marketplaces
  2. Integrated tools for marketing campaigns, customer acquisition, journey mapping, experience tracking, and creating long term loyalty
  3. Integrated back-end process automation and management tools to ensure operational support for a delighted customer experience
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We have been working with Kennovation for the last 10+ years, and they are our reliable technology partner. The digital solution provided by them helps us acquire and retain customers and create an excellent customer experience. With their help, we can navigate through many challenges and successfully scale and grow our business.
– Founder and Owner, Olive Ranch and Olive Oil Manufacturer and Retailer
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