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Organizations across the globe are embracing digital transformation to increase their resilience and thrive in uncertain times. But without sufficient attention to change management, implementing new technology alone will not create sustained success. A leading Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Law Firm was quickly growing its worldwide client base but was having trouble scaling their internal operations. With a lack of internal expertise, they recognized the need to bring in external experts to design a change management program and lead them through their digital transformation.


Many medium-sized businesses hit a ceiling as they struggle with challenges associated with scaling up the practice. As a founder-run, mid-size company with rapid organic growth, the Law Firm had many operational issues typical to such environments:


  • High employee turnover due to internal tension stemming from the rapid growth.
  • Processes were very people dependent; when turnover occurred, operational issues arose due to lack of standardization and documentation.
  • Billing and collection process issues were creating cash flow and customer engagement and satisfaction problems.
  • Software was lacking in operational effectiveness, and system utilization was inconsistent.
  • Financial and operational control was lacking.
  • Little oversight on information sharing and utilization of the information repository.
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The Law Firm chose Kennovation for our proven expertise in helping companies prepare, implement, and sustain digital transformations. Kennovation takes a holistic approach to digital transformation and automation projects, not approaching as just a technology project. Kennovation worked very closely with the founder to re imagine the company strategy to align with their growth and gain buy-in from employees to carry out the strategy.

After analyzing the challenges, Kennovation created an aggressive three pronged change management strategy for the law firm:

1. Visioning Sessions:-

Conducted visioning sessions with key stakeholders to redefine organizational strategy, vision, and mission.

2. Realign the Culture:-

Used proven change management techniques to prepare the organization and help realign the culture to the new strategy.

3. Cadenced Communications:-

Cadenced communications with employees to discuss, understand, and support the change.

Next, Kennovation reviewed the processes using a strategic integrated process automation approach. Starting with the strategy, they determined the critical roles and responsibilities to support, the processes required to efficiently carry out the operational needs and lastly, the technologies necessary to support.

After analyzing the core issues, the group decided to start by fixing the critical cashflow issues. Kennovation focused on the following areas to enable this transformation:

  1. Led organization-wide sessions to discuss issues, possible solutions and create support for the cashflow transformation.
  2. Worked with a cross-functional team to define an automated quotation-to-billing process.
  3. Performed extensive cleansing of billing and collection data before importing into the new system.

A similar approach was used with other vital processes to re engineer and automate using Robotic Process Automation technology to eliminate manual tasks.


The end-to-end automation solution deployed used a cost-effective open-source ERP system. The early win of improving cash flow showcased to the organization the power of digital transformation. Because of the change management program, defining and documenting processes, and the new technology, the client:

  • Within a short period, resolved cashflow challenges and improved
    the billing process. As a result, the firm realized month to month
    cash flow improvement of 215% with an annual increase of 190%.
  • Simplified and streamlined billing process to eliminate the biggest
    complaint from customers.
  • Enhanced resource utilization and created better visibility and
    governance on all aspects of customer engagements.
  • Provided better customer support by offering more detailed
    project progress updates.
  • Improved overall efficiency and effectiveness of human resources,
    setting clear and measurable objectives, and rewarding the most
    productive employees.
  • Created a transparent partner commissions process removing the
    biggest issue among the partners.

The integrated end-to-end automation solution helped streamline the operations, improve communications, and enhance the customer experience. As a result, the Law Firm had growth in revenue, improved collections, and increased profitability.

Let Kennovation help guide your organization’s transformation into
the new digital age. With our variety of services, we can provide your
organization with the building blocks necessary for successful and
timely growth, whether by acquisition or organically:


  • Digital Transformation/Product Innovation, including Customized Web applications, ERP, CRM, eCommerce Marketplace, Mobile/Tablet Apps
  • Strategy Creation – Market analysis, Comitative analysis, and Go-to-market strategy
  • Organizational and Cultural Change – Customized change management plans and training curriculum
  • Process automation with innovative Digital Touch points
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Kennovation helped us navigate through the change management challenges and successfully automate key business processes to bring order to chaos.
– Founding Partner, Mid-size Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law firm
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